Family Ties: Building Strong Relationships

Recovering From Addiction? Tips For Reconnecting With Your Children In Therapy

While you are walking the path to recovery from an addiction, therapy can be a strong tool for assessing the root causes of the addiction, integrating pain from the past into your life, and moving on. Family therapy can even bring families back together and help them heal old wounds. It’s an important part of […]

4 Reasons To Consider An Open Adoption

When adopting a child, you have many big decisions to make, including whether to opt for a closed or open adoption. An open adoption is when the birth mother and adoptive parents meet each other, openly share information and have the option to stay in contact over the years if they choose. Open adoption can […]

Bibbity-Bobbity-Boo! How To Create Your Own Homecoming Dress And Be The Perfect Cinderella At The Same Time

What little girl does not identify with that magical moment where Cinderella’s rags are transformed into the most beautiful ball gown?  In high school, there are several opportunities to dress up and look beautiful for a dance, the first of which is always the homecoming dance every fall. If you want your own gorgeous homecoming […]

Key Questions To Ask Your International Adoption Agency

Are you trying to build your family through adopting a child or children from another country? This beautiful process can also be a very challenging one. The adoption agency you choose will be a key factor in determining how smoothly your international adoption progresses. Make sure that you ask these key questions? Which Countries Are […]