Key Questions To Ask Your International Adoption Agency

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Key Questions To Ask Your International Adoption Agency

2 June 2016
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Are you trying to build your family through adopting a child or children from another country? This beautiful process can also be a very challenging one. The adoption agency you choose will be a key factor in determining how smoothly your international adoption progresses. Make sure that you ask these key questions?

Which Countries Are Available?

It can come as a shock to some prospective parents that they may not qualify to adopt a child from every available country. Each country has its own rules and guidelines concerning who is allowed to adopt and who is not. Some are very strict about these rules. They may have restrictions based on income, criminal history, the number of children you already have, your health history and even your age and weight. 

Find out which countries your agency works with, and then find out if you are qualified for those programs.

How Many Adoptions Has Your Agency Completed? 

Just because an agency offers a program through a specific country, it doesn't mean they've successfully facilitated adoptions there. International adoption programs can appear and disappear very erratically, and program rules and procedures can change. If an agency has been able to complete several adoptions through a specific country, that is a good indicator that the program is stable. 

Will You Help With Paperwork? 

When you adopt internationally, paperwork becomes a huge part of your life. You will be gathering documents to use in your dossier, a packet of information about you that goes to the country you are asking to adopt from. You will also need paperwork for the United States government. Sometimes this documentation can be overwhelming, and the process can be confusing. Find out if your agency is willing to walk you through the sea of paper. 

Will You Help With Travel? 

Many agencies will put you in a travel group that includes other potential adoptive parents and will act as your travel guides throughout your journey. Other times, you may be responsible for your own travel arrangements. A few adoption programs do not require you to travel to the child's country. In these cases, your agency may be able to provide someone to bring the child to you. Even if you have to do the planning yourself, your agency should be able to provide you with a list of hotels and some tips on travel in that particular country. 

International adoption can be a difficult process, but it is likely to be a challenge you cherish. Ask the right questions to find out what your adoption agency can do to help. If you're interested in learning more about adoption, check out websites like