4 Reasons To Consider An Open Adoption

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4 Reasons To Consider An Open Adoption

9 August 2016
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When adopting a child, you have many big decisions to make, including whether to opt for a closed or open adoption. An open adoption is when the birth mother and adoptive parents meet each other, openly share information and have the option to stay in contact over the years if they choose. Open adoption can be beneficial for all involved, but especially for the adopted child. Here are four reasons to consider an open adoption:

The Adoptee Will Know Why They Were Adopted

Many adopted children grow up with a sense of confusion and perhaps feelings of abandonment because they don't know why their birth parents chose to let another family adopt them. With open adoption, this type of secret doesn't exist and open, loving communication is key. Your child will grow up knowing that their birth parent wanted what was best for them and chose your family to give them the best possible life.

Open Adoption Fosters Relationships

The extent of the relationship between your family and your child's birth mother will be up to you, but in many open adoptions meaningful relationships form between the birth parents, adoptive parents, and child. Your child will know that you and your significant other are his parents, but will also have the opportunity to have a meaningful friendship or even a family-like relationship with his birth mother. This can mitigate the feeling of loss that sometimes occurs with adoption for both the child and the birth mother, and can help expand your own family in a beautiful way.

The Adopted Child Will Know Their Heritage

With an open adoption, your child will have the chance to ask questions about their heritage as they get older. They will be able to see photos or even meet biological relatives who share physical traits with them. They will get to discover information about their genetics and their ethnic history and ancestry in the same way any other curious child is able to. You and your child will also have more extensive access to your child's family medical history with an open adoption.

Provides a Sense of Peace

While adoption is often a very joyful experience, it can also be painful at times. An open adoption can help create a feeling of peace for all parties. The birth mother may be able to accept her choice and move on more easily since she will be able to choose the family she wants to raise her child, and have a possible relationship with the adoptive family and child.

Your family will feel great knowing you were chosen specifically to raise your child. Most importantly, your child may grow up feeling a sense of belonging in your family while still maintaining a connection with his biological family, leading to a more peaceful and content upbringing.

Every adoption situation is unique, so if you're considering an open adoption it's best to sit down with an adoption counselor. like one from Adopt Triad Consultants Inc, and thoroughly discuss your options.